Pima Hotel ConstructionThe Pima Inn & Suites is in its 10th week of construction on their new Lobby. With the finish merely weeks away, people are wondering what to expect from this development.

The 15,000 square foot facelift began November 3, 2011 with demolition in its best form. The Pima managed to recycle and salvage over 85% of what would have been demolished content. Everything from furniture, to equipment, to windows, lighting and doors were donated to local establishments. The Arizona Saguaros and other native plants were temporarily placed in a nursery for use on the property post-construction.

This phenomenal addition to the Pima Inn & Suites will feature a 5,000 square foot lobby aimed to better convenience and service guests. We value the environment as well as our consumers, which is why we’ve also made our lobby more energy efficient.

Guests can expect other new features such as:

–       Expanded hot and cold breakfast buffet

–       Larger Gift Shop (With Wine, Beer, Liquor & Food Sales)

–       More spacious fitness center

–       Patio side fire pit & grill

–       Revised more efficient parking

With completion in February 2012, the Pima Inn & Suites will be prepared and ready for the spring training season and the start of a great new year!