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The Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center  in Superior, Wisconsin, has put out their third annual calendar featuring Notable Northlanders recreating iconic images from times gone by.  The sale of this calendar generates additional exposure for the Bong Veterans Historical Center and also acts as a fundraiser for the museum.

The Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center in Superior, Wisconsin

Bob Fuhrman, Executive Director of the Center, share the following:  These two sailors braved a rainy night on the deck of the museum ship S.S. Meteor on Superior, Wisconsin’s waterfront to get this shot.  A frozen action shot like this is especially demanding of the cast members; not only do they have to maintain a rigid stance once the photographer (Alicia Pierce) is satisfied with their poses, they also have to mimic the facial expressions from the original illustration.  Not an easy task!  Luckily, they were good sports about the demands of the shot, which also included them wearing snug WWII period sailor’s uniforms.  And I don’t mean snug in that they could stand to lose weight.  I mean snug in that even fit guys like them find WWII era uniforms tight as people were simply smaller 70 years ago.

The calendars can be purchased at any of the local Super One Food Stores in the Duluth/Superior area at the Customer Service desk for $10 or you can purchase copies online.  The sole purpose of the calendar is to generate additional exposure for the Bong Veterans Historical Center and also act as a fundraiser for the museum.   The added benefit is that they can use local celebrities to bring awareness to the mission of the Bong Center.

So did you recognize the fella on the left?  It is ZMC’s very own Jon Driscoll portraying a determined sailor doing his job.  The sailor on the right is Jim Paquette.